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Karamay Campus, founded in 2015, is a new extension of CUP and is designated to develop into four bases, i.e. the base for cultivating high-quality engineering and technical talents, the base for continuing education of engineering and technical talents, the base for technology transformation and commercialization, and the base for China-Central Asia exchange in science and culture.

Karamay Campus has made outstanding headway since its foundation, with necessary and generous support from the Ministry of Education, Governments on both provincial and municipal levels, as well as many enterprises, such as CNPC. Utilizing the state-of-the-art facilities on the campus and the sufficient research and teaching resources shared with Beijing Campus, Karamay Campus is committed to cultivating high quality, application-oriented engineering talents with international horizon and competence.

Located at Karamay City, the hub of Eurasia, Karamay Campus is geographically close to several countries in the regions on the New Silk Road, namely, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Mongolia. It is thus endowed with valuable opportunities in cultivating talents needed in the areas like new energy, economics, finance, management, computer science, information technology, Russian language, TCFL (Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language), etc.



       ? Infrastructure

Designed by NBBJ, an American global planning and designing firm, the whole Karamay Campus covers an area of 4,800,000 square metres, including a man-made lake with 540,000 square metres. As planned, there would be 90 buildings, covering the floor area of 610,000 square metres. The major buildings on campus are Office building, International Centre, Teaching buildings, Students Apartments, Practical workplaces, Indoor Stadiums, Library, Refectories, etc.

? Practice Facilities

CUPK has the largest on-campus practical training base in China, with the total floor area of 111,000 metres. The whole base includes 29 separate indoor workplaces and 4 outdoor venues. Each workplace is under the same standard of 100-metre length, 30-metre width and 9-metre height. Installed with real size devices like pumping units, the practical training base will meet the practical training needs of 18 programs, such as oil extraction, oil and gas transportation and storage, etc., covering the whole process of petroleum and petrochemical industry. The base would surely facilitate the institution to fulfil its commitment to cultivating application-oriented engineering talents.

? Lab Facilities

With great support from Beijing Campus, two branches of the national key labs will be built on Karamay Campus, i.e. State Key Laboratory of Petroleum Resources and Prospecting at Karamay, and State Key Laboratory of Heavy Oil Processing at Karamay. In addition, the construction of laboratories for teaching and research as well as the virtual simulation labs have all been initiated. Once completed, they can satisfy the needs of programs like chemistry, fluid mechanics, physics, accounting, computer science, to name just a few.

? Off-campus Practice and Internship Sites

Taking full advantage of the industrial and geological resources, Karamay Campus are setting up two international fieldtrip bases for programs related to Petroleum Engineering and Geology. CNPC Xinjiang Company and CNPC Dushanzi Petrochemical Company, as well as many other local enterprises offer sufficient off-campus sites for both practical training and internship to students from different programmes.